Our Clients Are:



Pete, a Cincinnati native, now works from home….in Rome! Pete’s number one concern is saving for his retirement so he can spend his golden years living in Paris.



Sue, an equestrian, and Wendy, an artist, just inherited their father’s manufacturing business. Over the past year, they’ve increased sales by 80%. Sue is working with us on the next generation of business succession while Wendy has become a star at the trade shows.



Gina, a successful business owner, frequently received inquiries about selling her business and finally decided it was time to entertain serious offers. She knew that while she had been financially successful, most of her net worth and earning potential was “in the business” and she needed a plan to establish her financial independence. Despite these concerns, a main priority was to find a way to reward her employees with ownership in the business.



Dr. William has a successful surgical practice, owns five patents, and teaches at the University of Cincinnati. When we began working together, his focus was on protecting his family in the event of his death or disability.



Raj and Reeta are both professionals with two children in high school. They have methodically planned and saved since graduating from college to pay off their own student loans, save for their children’s education and weddings, and assist their parents, who live abroad. In addition, they are on target to retire in ten years, at age 62.



Joe and Shawn are retired with four adult children and five young grandchildren. They contribute tirelessly with their time and financial support to various non-profits. In addition, they have a charitable trust that will pass 50% of their estate to causes that will positively impact the lives of children in need, both locally and around the world.